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Toyota banks on plug-ins as rivals push BEVs

The automaker's decision to add at least a third PHEV nameplate to its U.S. lineup next year bucks a trend that has seen other automakers pull back their offerings as full battery-electric vehicles proliferate.

The awkward timing of Hyundai's EV recall

The automaker is facing a $900 million recall to replace battery systems in 82,000 vehicles.

Jeep keeps Cherokee name, opens dialogue

The Cherokee Nation wants Jeep to stop using its name on two high-volume vehicles. Though the brand hasn't agreed to do that, the two sides expect to continue talking.

Here are the mileage ranges of the top EVs

J.D. Power's U.S. Electric Vehicle Experience Ownership Study said that range accuracy accounts for 20 percent of customers' overall satisfaction.

How incentives revived Ontario

New multibillion dollar investment plans by the Detroit 3, combined with government incentives, show that Canada's global profile in the auto industry is on the rise.